Our Business

Principia Management Group offers an array of services, including:


Sourcing new investment opportunities and strategic partnerships

Formulating corporate strategies

Developing business plans and financials models

Executing strategic initiatives

Supporting high-level negotiations

Conducting due diligence

Formulating deal structures

Throughout the years, Principia has delivered impactful results to our clients.

Assisted the LBO process of Southeast Asia’s largest coal mining company and improved its operational performance – leading to a 40% increase in production volume.

Underpinned the establishment of Indonesia’s first modern megaplex movie cinema chain, including the IPO process and partnership with one of the world’s largest movie theatre operators – resulting in the rebirth of the country’s cinema industry.

Provided support in the financing process for a telco company’s project to bring high speed internet access to Jakarta through a submarine fibre-optic cable from Singapore, which significantly reduced internet connection prices by 72% in 2008 – making internet connections affordable for all layers of the society.

Revitalized operations for an upper-middle class residential developer – boosted sales through innovative consumer financing schemes.